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SMASH Solutions is an innovative software solutions firm committed to our mission: Personalization through Automation. We produce the best in user-friendly, digital business & marketing tools that are designed to expand your business by fortifying real relationships and putting people first.

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blog July 14, 2021

7 Positive Affirmations for Success and How They Work

You already know the saying, “I have to see it to believe it.” You may even subscribe to that phrase […]

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blog July 09, 2021

The Rise of The Female Entrepreneur

Scooch over Bill Gates, Mark Z and Elon Musk - there’s a new head honcho in town and she’s changing […]

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blog June 22, 2022

How to Have an Awesome Monday

Oh, Sunday why you have to do us like that? We wait all week for your easy like Sunday morning […]

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