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CRM Business Tool Suite
Building stronger relationships for a better business
More Than a CRM

SMASH's all-inclusive business tool suite has every feature you need to manage, streamline and simplify your day. From a one-click contact manager that automatically gathers public data (coming in Version 2) to tasks, events and even an appointment link calendar that allows clients to pencil themselves in, the SMASH CRM Business Tool Suite has your business covered.

SMASH Buzz Wall

Post to top social sites in just a single click. With the SMASH Buzz Wall, gone are the days of logging into every individual social media account just to update your followers. Looking to get more fans for your business? Set up SMASH Pages where you can interact directly with clients and put your best foot forward as a brand.

Personal Virtual Assistant at your Service!

Your PVA is the "smart" assistant you've always wanted. Through our integrated system the PVA ensures that all appointments, meetings and client greetings are automatically handled on time - ensuring that your important business relationships never slip through the cracks.

The PVA works directly with the appointment link calendar, automatically sending meeting reminders and thank you notes before and after the meeting occurs plus so much more!

Custom Newsletters

Share company news, new hires, product announcements and special discounts all in one spot! With the SMASH Newsletters you can choose from dozens of templates, that suit your company's style and brand.

Video Email

Say it with a smile, say it with video! Studies show that personalized video email has a 74% greater chance of increasing a customer's understanding of your product or service - and staying out of the trash!. Simply select one of our video email templates and hit record!