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Tap into Today's Saturated Media Market

Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to increase their advertising exposure and bottom line revenues. Finding creative ways to gain the competitive edge in a world of mass media presents a daunting challenge for even the most savvy business owners. So how does a company tap into today's saturated advertising market without breaking the bank?

Maximize Your Exposure with Our Media Match Program!

The SMASH Media Match Program offers a dynamic, cost effective solution! Ads placed on the SMASH network are not only viewed by SMASH users but also by thousands of viewers from hundreds of Media Match websites as well.

Through our unique Media Trade Alliance the SMASH Media Match Program maximizes your brand exposure and allows your audience to engage like never before!

Expand Your Reach!

  • Major exposure from SMASH and multiple Media Match websites with each ad package
  • Geo target your Ad to scout from your neighborhood
  • Content targeted using SMASH Social & Blogs
  • Choose multiple Ad formats: text, image, video.
  • SMASH users average between 3 and 18 minutes per session, allowing time for the increased exposure of your brand!
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Increase Your Exposure On Us

This "never seen before" strategy is highly effective, affordable and maximizes your exposure on multiple platforms. The best part? You pay for just ONE ad package, yet gain exposure from dozens of Media Match website views!

How Does It Work?

Simple! Just tell us how much you want to budget for advertising, create your ad and go viral with SMASH!

Take advantage of this exciting new advertising strategy today and be the first in your industry to corner the market at every angle!

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