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What is SMASH?

SMASH is the all-inclusive business & marketing tool suite that fosters brand loyalty. SMASH facilitates the cultivation of meaningful connections through personable content marketing.

How is SMASH Different?

We’ve got it all! SMASH combines unique tools, a robust social media gateway, and compelling content marketing handshakes delivering stunning results! Top that off with FREE social media training and the latest CRM technology!

Why You Need SMASH

Shorter workdays, better company- consumer relationships, stronger online presence, up to the minute training to keep you ahead of the game and a jam-packed tool suite filled with the gadgets you love! Need we say more?

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SMASH Walk Through 8:25

Get Smart - Get Smash 1:25

Power packed Features!!!

  • Contact Manager

    Take the spy work out of collecting data. Our "smart" contact manager locates and reports important, detailed info about your contact! From birthdays to changed numbers all you have to do is dial !

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  • Integrated Calendar

    SMASH starts where others leave off. This extraordinary calendar system provides you with everything you need to manage your day. Keep track of your kids, special events and enjoy a personal online appointment setter all under one roof.

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  • Social Media Buzz Wall and Hub

    The SMASH buzz wall allows users to view their most recent social media post activity and manage all social media marketing with one easy click. Comment, like and be liked all from one easy, breezy hub!

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  • Campaign Manager

    Be loud and proud! From video, email, newsletters, social media and everything in between, SMASH let's you say it with style! Just connect to your contacts and choose a template or get fancy and create your own!

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  • Personal Virtual Assistant

    Service with a smile! Let your Personal Virtual Assistant do the schmoozing, follow ups, appointment setting, holiday greetings, social networking and so much more! Send these automated messages through your SMASH video email system.

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  • Global Advertising System

    Go global with SMASH's unique all-in-one advertising system. From traditional pay per click ads to our exclusive advertising credits, SMASH drives traffic to any business, no matter what the budget.

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  • Event Manager

    Plan, invite and coordinate events, parties, webinars and meetings with ease. Fitted with geo-coded maps & directions as well as professional customer templates to give your invitations a winning personality.

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  • Task Manager

    From a bird's eye view to every last detail, SMASH's Task Manager is the best of both worlds. View overall pending tasks, while also editing, organizing and sharing details with other SMASH users. Tasks may also be exported or imported into a CSV file.

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Coming Attractions

  • Video Email

    Don't just type your message, speak it... with Video! Create your own or use one of ours! From the first hello to singing happy birthday, video is the way to go!

  • Smash Clicking

    Click your way to CASH on our extensive network! Help our clients drive up their SEO rankings while you earn big!

  • SMASH Toolbar

    The portability of this remarkable business hub allows you to attach your personalized SMASH Bar to all websites, blogs, splash pages and emails, so you can easily introduce people to you and your business.

  • SEO Marketing

    Our SMASH tools create continual back linking which organically raise a user's search engine ranking.

  • Video Conferencing

    With the SMASH Video Conference Hot-Link feature, the world is instantly at your virtual doorstep with a click of the mouse.

  • Global Inbox

    STOP searching high and low for that important email, text, or social media message. Streamline all your accounts within SMASH and Voila! You're now a one stop-messaging shop.

  • Automated Contact Notes

    Enjoy the convenience of dictating meeting notes directly into your SMASH system and having them quickly and accurately transcribed and attached to all relevant files by our highly qualified support staff.

  • Media Room

    Let your visitors 'Take the Tour' and experience the videos. images and documents you want them to see. Our media room will be available from your personal SMASH URL.

  • Specials Posting

    Everybody loves a special offer! Entice others to take advantage of any promo or sale your company features.

  • Marketing Analytics

    SMASH's integrated analytics allows you to use advanced marketing data to streamline your approach, improve your accuracy and stay competitive for less.

Stay Connected

Get ready to take center stage with our supercharged, all-inclusive business suite! The connections you'll make when you work from home can be endless!

Unlike our competitors, your success with your online business never depends on your ability to update contacts or navigate tricky software. Our luxury lineup of never-seen-before business tools replaces every system you can imagine and introduces you to a world of possibilities.

From our 'Smart' contact management system (CRM) that will automate data collection, to a social media hub that allows you to post to many popular social media sites simultaneously, (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!) SMASH is your all in one hub. We even have a personal virtual assistant that organizes the details of your day - even remembering loved ones and client's birthdays, holidays, appointment reminders, tasks and more. You just became the most connected cat in town, with a lot more time to spare. Let's not forget that SMASH increases your ROI- Return on Investment. Move over Siri, SMASH just hit the scene!

Go global! You can be part of the SMASH nation, for FREE.

Business Development

What does it take to generate an online business? Sure, content marketing such as blogs and social sites, like Facebook, Twitter and Google + will get you started - but a savvy marketer knows it takes more than just updating Facebook to rev up the marketing motor!

Do you know what it takes to drive traffic to your website? Do you have a website? How do know how much to spend on pay-per-click advertising? Do you know if your search engine optimization (SEO) is working? SMASH knows!

From the mom and pop start up company, to the booming work from home business, knowing what works and where to spend your money is critical. With SMASH's spot-on tool suite and power-packed campaign manager, in minutes anyone can shout their messages and products to multiple platforms, from YouTube to the familiar email newsletters, customers will come running... SMASH takes these core professional necessities one step further, by integrating several time management and campaign management features into one all-inclusive system that everyone from stay at home moms to busy executives can benefit from! There isn't a person out there that won't enjoy an increased ROI- Return on Investment. Organize your business and prioritize your life for FREE - that's the power of SMASH!

Lead Generating System

Feel like you'd have better luck winning the jackpot than building a network of leads for your business? You aren't the only one. Purchased leads have a reputation for being costly and ineffective with a microscopic Return on Investment (ROI).

The good news? SMASH has a take the world by storm social media newsfeed and buzz wall that will turn your social sites (yes, even if you don't know the difference between Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) into a lean, mean, perpetual lead generating machine. We teach you how to turn social networking into a work from home cyclone that pulls in endless FREE leads from your target demographic. This automated system ensures that your time is spent on only those with genuine interest. So sit back, relax, and watch your pay-per-click sales skyrocket!

SEO Made Simple

Get on Google's front page and become a search engine sensation. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures that what you and your online business will get you noticed before your competition.

SEO starts with content marketing and SMASH is the master. Use our social media buzz wall to share to your outside social sites, send newsletters and video emails with our easy to use pre-made templates, build a blog from the content using one of our amazing writers. SMASH Solutions, LLC. takes the scary out of SEO and keeps being at the top simple.

Advertise on The Go

Advertising can break the bank of most companies, especially when it comes to online business and for those that work from home. The ROI (Return on Investment) for pay-per-click ads, email lists and print ads can cause any entrepreneur to lose hope. SMASH's advertising system will bring unique visitors to any site, increase your Alexa ranking and give you the traffic needed for success. Not to mention our Social Media Hub and Buzz Wall, which allows you to master Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many, many more social media sites all in one swoop! On top of being FREE, we'll even pay YOU! Earn SMASH cash and go easy on your wallet, it's the best of both worlds.


Protection for your connections!

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software socialite that keeps you in touch with all of your contacts. This hostess with the mostess is a must-have for any business owner and work from home pioneer. With SMASH, networking has never been more simple - or fun! How does it work? Simply enter your contact information into the SMASH Smart CRM and watch as it steals the show! No need to have all the information on your prospect, our CRM sends out little soldiers out to public sites to gather information for you. No more multiple system headaches, appointments to track or conversations to note. This system connects every contact, every task and engages you in a daily method of operation (DOM) through your very own virtual personal assistant. SMASH CRM develops a prospect list that will maximize communication, support and cha ching - you guessed it, sales! Slice and dice your eight hour work day in half!

Visual Media Magic

We get your message across like magic!

SMASH has the chops it takes to turn heads in this fast paced and visually demanding market. Your work from home (or anywhere) business can thrive with our video emails, video conferencing, and one-of-a-kind media marketing solutions. Social Media marketing especially thrives off of video! That's right, we can make you a Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook, or Google+ star! You don't have to wave your magic wand to get the results (or tools) you desire. SMASH is all yours and it's FREE!

Social media marketing has forever changed the way businesses connect with prospects and clients. It is no longer just knowing how to post a comment on Facebook or upload a video to YouTube. Business owners, resellers and direct sellers alike must have the cutting edge content to drive their business above your competition.

Blasting emails does not work the way it use to. Today you must build the relationship to keep customers returning month after month. SMASH has what everyone needs to get noticed in today's fast pace, visual market. Video marketing is a key tool to put you above your competition. Video emails, video conferencing, and the ability to build a complete media page are what makes SMASH Solutions so special.

Success U

We get your message across like magic!

Ready to become the social media superstar we know YOU are? Then get ready to enroll in Success University. This elite, six-day training event is the must-have guide to learning how to turn your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more into FREE lead generating machines! Learn how to get started with SMASH's premier Social Media Hub and Buzz Wall where you can manage and automate as many social networking sites as your heart desires!

This series, taught by serious social media pros will jumpstart anyone's social media success, whether you have years of experience or you're just starting out! A $600 value, Success U is completely FREE for you to try NOW! Take the world by social media storm with Success U!

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